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Courses of interest

Thu 30 Nov 2023Leading as a Trainee: A Clinical Leadership Workshop for ST3-5 Trainees (SW770)
This course offers an introduction to leadership from the perspective of trainees. It will be most relevant to those who have ...
Zoom, Virtual
Thu 30 Nov 2023Advanced Communication Skills Masterclass for IMG Trainees (DT096)
This workshops provides an opportunity to become better equipped to used advanced communication skills within your clinical ...
Zoom, Virtual
Fri 1 Dec 2023Providing Effective Feedback and Managing Difficult Conversations for ES/CS/SAS (DT128)
Become better equipped to provide feedback, support reflection, and handle difficult conversations.
Zoom, Virtual
Fri 1 Dec 2023Reflecting On and Learning from Feedback for Trainees (SW609)
High quality reflection in combination with supportive and constructive feedback is essential for the professional development ...
Zoom, Virtual
Mon 4 Dec 2023Enhanced Support - supporting both you and your doctors in training (SW615)
The aim of this workshop will be to build upon your initial 'How to Support Trainees' training, by further developing your ...
Zoom, Virtual
Mon 4 Dec 2023Inclusivity for Trainers (SW695)
More than ever, leaders need to consider the boundaries, geographies and cultures we work across to make sure people are provided ...
Zoom, Virtual
Mon 4 Dec 2023Influence and Negotiation Skills for Doctors in Training (DT112)
Interpersonal Effectiveness and Negotiation: Improve your ability to manage challenging discussions, deliver difficult feedback ...
Zoom, Virtual
Tue 5 Dec 2023Skilled Coaching and Mentoring (SW644)
A two-day follow-on course to "Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Educational & Clinical Supervisors".
MSZoom, Virtual