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Courses of interest

Thu 30 Jun 2022Train the Trainer - Optimising Learning in the Virtual Classroom for ES/CS/SAS (DT031)
This workshop is for trainers who wish to enhance their skills and confidence delivering engaging and interactive live virtual ...
Zoom, Virtual
Fri 1 Jul 2022Finding Balance - Trainer (M0020)
This course will: Explore what we mean by balance; is it simply a case of work versus home life? Consider the different ...
Zoom, Virtual
Mon 4 Jul 2022Advanced Communication Skills Masterclass for IMG Trainees (DT037)
This workshops provides an opportunity to become better equipped to used advanced communication skills within your clinical ...
Zoom, Virtual
Mon 4 Jul 2022Enhanced Communication Skills for Challenging Situations at Work for ES/CS/SAS (DT032)
This workshop provides an opportunity to become better equipped to manage challenging situations and conflict at work. The ...
Zoom, Virtual
Mon 4 Jul 2022Lean Thinking for Core Trainees (SW258)
Introduction to LEAN Thinking: There is a popular misconception that LEAN is appropriate only for manufacturing and ...
Zoom, Virtual
Tue 5 Jul 2022Coaching Tools for a Compassionate Culture: Compassionate Leadership (SW494)
Nicola Harker is a medical doctor (GP) of 20 years, teacher of mindful self-compassion, and empowerment coach. She offers a ...
Zoom, Virtual
Tue 5 Jul 2022Leadership Skills for Managing Stress at Work (SW424)
Previously entitled "Managing Stress", this course is split into two halves. The Morning Session will focus on how to manage ...
Zoom, Virtual
Tue 5 Jul 2022Self-Care and Mindfulness in Medicine for Trainees (DT038)
To raise awareness of mindfulness as a practice and a trait and to understand its role in navigating the work-life continuum and ...
Zoom, Virtual