Intermediate Endodontics (SW20-2-28-01)

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DescriptionThis course is a fantastic opportunity to gain confidence in root treating molar teeth. Jon Cowie and Luca Morenzoni will consider which teeth are good candidates for root treatment, modern access cavity preparations, guide path solutions with the OneG file. We will be using simulated teeth to practice access cavity preparation (upper and lower molar), canal preparation and obturation. This will be a small group - no more than 12 dentists - so plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.
Additional information

This course will focus on management of molar teeth using the OneCurve file which is a continuous rotation file, very cost effective and works with most endodontic motors. An assumed prior knowledge of rotary endodontics will be made and we would recommend having undertaken a introductory rotary endodontic course prior to this.

If you are looking for an introduction to rotary endo, or practice in treating single rooted teeth Introductory Endodontics, might be a better course for you.

VenuePostgraduate Medical Centre, Bath - Bath & NE Somerset  View details
Date & timeFriday 28 February 2020, 09:00 to 17:00
LecturersMr Jonathan Cowie & Dr Luca Moranzoni  View details
Target audienceMandatory: Dentist
Development outcomeC
Course styleHands-on
Catering Meal
Core topic Not a core topic
CPD hours6:00

To introduce molar rotary endodontics using materials and equipment that simplify treatment and are cost-effective for NHS practice. 

  • Understand the diagnosis and assessment surrounding decisions for endodontic and linked restorative treatment
  • Gain an understanding on the complexities accessing molar teeth and careful assessment leading to more reproducible canal location
  • Access two Typodont teeth - an upper and a lower molar
  • Understand the benefits of a rotary glide path in reproducibility, speed and fewer preparation errors
  • Have hands-on experience with OneCurve to prepare a simulated root canal
  • Understand the importance of irrigation and obturation in improved endodontic outcome
  • Have hands-on experience with obturation in simulated canals
Learning outcomes

To enable dentists to confidently approach Tier 1 molar endodontics in primary care