Management of Oral & Dental Disease for the Non-Dental Professionals (SW16-10-12-1)

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SubjectOral Health
DescriptionCurrently GPs receive little training in the diagnosis and management of oro dental disease and its management so this day is aimed at providing delegates with an understanding of the diagnosis and management of dental pain, the rationale for use of antibiotics and management of severe orofacial infection. The symposium will also cover dental trauma, oral cancer and differential diagnosis of ulceration, impact on medical conditions on dental treatment and impact of oral health on general health.
Additional information

1. Differential diagnosis of dental/orofacial pain

2. Management of facial swelling including antibiotic prescribing

3. How medical management may impact on dental management (Biphosphonates, antiplatelets and anticoagulaents, chemo and radiotherapy, infective endocarditis)

4. Dental trauma and oral health in children

5. Relationship between oral health and systemic disease (Cardiac/ Diabetes)

6. Oral cancer and differential diagnosis and management of oral ulceration

7. Signposting patients to access dental care

VenueFuture Inn Hotel, Bristol - Bristol & N Somerset  View details
Date & timeWednesday 12 October 2016, 08:45 to 17:00
LecturersMr Chris Bell, Mr Anthony Edward Brooke, Dr Rachel Cowie, Mrs Emma Hingston, Peter Howard-Williams, Jane Luker & Mr Roger Yates  View details
Target audience

Recommended: Community Pharmacists, or General Medical Practitioner, or General Medical Practitioner Trainee

Development outcomeNo development outcome
Course styleLecture
Catering Meal
Core topic Not a core topic
CPD hours6:00
CostNo charge

The aim of the symposium is to provide non dental healthcare providers with an overview of the diagnosis and management of acute dental problems and to provide them with information to support patients accessing dental care.


1. To gain knowledge and understanding of the differential diagnosis and management of dental pain and acute dental infections and dental trauma

2. To prescribe antibiotics to manage dental infections appropriately

2. To outline how medical treatment may affect the dental management of patients

3. To gain an understanding of the relationship between oral health and systemic disease

4. To be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of oral cancer 

5. To understand how patients can access primary dental care

Learning outcomes

Improved knowledge and understanding of the non dental healthcare provider in the management of acute dental related pain and trauma

Improved understanding and communication with the dental profession regarding patients with medical conditions that will impact on dental management

Improved recognition and referral of oral cancer

Improved ability to signpost patients to access dental care