Wellbeing and care of Self in Dentistry: Basic concepts (SW20-11-25-02)

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DescriptionWe all know that working in dentistry is challenging, both physically and mentally. The challenges have increased substantially since the Covid epidemic struck. Now, more than ever we need to take good care of ourselves. This online webinar, run by a dual qualified dentist and osteopath, takes a truly holistic approach to the physical, mental and technical challenges of our work, and offers a range of helpful ideas, including practical exercises that may be done at work and at home. This session will provide a framework for your own personal care plan that can be implemented immediately. Gerry will be discussing posture and positioning, seats and sitting, exercises (what we should and shouldn't do), and ideas to combat stress and tension.
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All members of the dental team are very welcome.

A link to the session will be sent to delegates prior to the event.  Please do not share this with anyone else.  You will need to ensure that you are able to use your camera and microphone to fully participate in this small group session.

VenueZoom, N/A - N/A - Virtual  View details
Date & timeWednesday 25 November 2020, 19:00 to 20:30
LecturerMr Gerry Gallacher  View details
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Course styleE- learning
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CPD hours1:30

To introduce the concept of 'care of self' in dentistry, using a biopsychosocial approach to relieve common stresses and strains.


1. To discuss common causes of musculoskeletal disorders

2. To explain the link between structural, functional and psychological aspects of MSD

3. Have a range of practical exercises, including some that can be done at work, to help relieve tension and improve musculoskeletal function