Advancing Dental Care Workshop (SW19-12-10-1)

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DescriptionDo the current dental education and training models supply a workforce with the skills to respond to the changing oral health needs of patients and services? The purpose of this event is to share the Review’s evidence and findings to date; to test thinking; and to develop and discuss options for flexible training for the dental workforce. The ADC aim is to develop an education and training infrastructure that can respond to the changing needs of patients and services. The Review has been identified as a key enabler for delivering the dental workforce objectives in the NHS Interim People Plan. By exploring more flexible dental training pathways, HEE’s ambition is to enhance recruitment and retention within the NHS; address geographical and skills shortages; and support dental workforce optimisation.
Additional information

Phase two of 'Advancing Dental Care' (ADC) is underway to answer this and other questions.  The local stakeholder event is an opportunity for you to hear the findings to date, test thinking and input into refining reform options.

Who should attend? Anyone working/teaching or training in any role in the dental professions or provision of dental services or quality of care provided

There will be a buffet available from 6pm, 6.30pm start

VenueFuture Inn Hotel, Bristol - Bristol & N Somerset  View details
Date & timeTuesday 10 December 2019, 18:00 to 21:30
LecturerTBC  View details
Target audienceRecommended to all
Development outcomeB, C, D
Course styleInteractive Workshop
CateringLight buffet
Core topic Not a core topic
CPD hours2:00
CostNo charge

To share with stakeholders the findings of the advancing dental care review and seek opinion on the future of dental education and training


1. To inform participants of the information obtained on future demographics that may influence oral health treatment needs

2. To engage with participants on how the scope of practice of the dental team can be best utilised

3. To engage with participants on the flexibility of dental training and review current and possible future training pathways

Learning outcomes

Increased understanding and engagement with Advancing Dental Care