Oral health and dementia: Interactive dementia training for the Dental Team (SW-19-09-27-01)

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DescriptionThis FREE afternoon of dementia training, suitable for all members of the dental team will inform the us about dementia and how we can best provide care for our patients. In future, dental teams will be providing oral healthcare to a greater proportion of older patients with a range of complex needs including dementia. The event is designed to inform members of the dental team about how to provide high quality, person-centred dental care to meet the oral health needs of an ageing population. Katy Kerr will talk to us about dementia friendly dentistry, looking at some of the issues around oral health for dementia patients. She will include clinical scenarios.
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VenueEngineers' House, Bristol - Bristol & N Somerset  View details
Date & timeFriday 27 September 2019, 13:00 to 17:30
LecturerKaty Kerr  View details
Target audienceRecommended to all
Development outcomeC, D
Course styleLecture
CateringLight buffet
Core topic Not a core topic
CPD hours3:30
CostNo charge

The overall aim is aligned with Government health policy that enables older people to remain independent for longer by providing preventative oral healthcare and access to treatment that is appropriate for the individual.



· To understand the medical aspects of dementia.

o What is dementia, with a brief overview of treatments

o The different types and their potential impact on dental treatment

o The Dementia Care Pathway

o The risk factors and prevention

· To understand ethico-legal perspectives and the legal framework for dementia

o The Mental Capacity Act and safeguarding for people with dementia

· To gain insight into the viewpoint of someone living with dementia and the issues relating to providing their dental care.

· Discover help and tips on how to treat people with dementia including modification of the practice environment and patient management.

o Pragmatic treatment planning

o Communication

o Prevention and mouth care

o Making your practice more dementia friendly

· Provide an update of existing and planned programmes relating to oral health and dementia, how these dovetail with existing dementia resources and how to access them.

o Further training, including online resources in-line with the Dementia Skills Training Framework

o The CQC Smiling Matters report

Flexible commissioning models

Learning outcomes

By the end of the event participants should be able to:

· Demonstrate recognition of the needs of older people including those with dementia so as to provide safe, dignified and compassionate care.

· Make adjustments to practice to support older people including those with dementia by assisting the development of supportive care environments.