Practical Procedures and Ultrasound Skills (457YDH)

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SubjectF2 Regional Teaching
Description An interactive workshop-based study day designed to cover some of the practical procedures and ultrasound skills desirable as per the Foundation Year 2 curriculum.
Additional information

You will be provided with a work manual with pre-reading, detailed one-to-one tuition on the day, assessment by skilled practitioners, and a certificate of attendance.

VenueYeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Yeovil - Somerset  View details
Date & timeWednesday 17 January 2024, 13:00 to 16:00
LecturerLeigh Beard  View details
Target audience

Mandatory: Foundation Year 2

Course styleHands-on
Core topicClinical Skills
CPD hours4:00
CostNo charge

This course provides a safe clinical environment for Foundation Year 2 Doctors to learn new, or practice existing, practical procedures and ultrasound skills that are commonly seen in a range of different specialties. The day will include small group teaching at a series of workstations including Pleural Aspiration & Chest Drain (Seldinger), Lumbar Puncture, Suturing, Therapeautic paracentesis, Joint aspiration, and USS guided cannulation.


Learning objectives (for each procedure):

Understand the indications for each practical procedure

List the contraindications for each procedure

List the complications of each procedure, and, combining this with the benefits, understand how to consent a patient

Recall the steps involved in each procedure

Apply these steps on models to perform the procedure

Learning outcomes

Mapped to the Foundation Programme curriculum, this course links with the following Foundation Professional Capabilities (FPCs):

HLO 1: FPC 1 - Clinical assessment, FPC 2 - Clinical prioritisation, FPC 4 - Communication and care

HLO 2: FPC 6 - Sharing the vision

HLO 3: FPC 12 - Continuing professional development