How do we do our work? Human factors in Healthcare (HF10)

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SubjectF2 Regional Teaching
DescriptionOn this one day course we will introduce you to the foundations of human factors and ergonomics. I hear you say what is that? Have you ever thought about how you do your work? How does the system function and how does this impact on you? Why is it that you do the same type of job but it can be so different depending on the clinical setting? Why are some places a joy to work in? We will explore how understanding how we do our jobs can impact our performance. We will give some tools to use to understand your own work settings that you can take back and use in your quality improvement and patient safety projects. Human factors and ergonomic science underpin the day. We will look at design of the system, how mistakes happen, fatigue, culture using human factors and safety science. It will be an interactive day with a number of activities taught by Dr Franklin who is a working clinician with an interest in HFE alongside a HFE expert from a wide range of fields. The day will adapt to fit the needs of the participants in the room. It is a safe space. We want to help you understand why your day goes well sometimes and less well at others. Please bring a pen to write with.
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Providers Dr Danielle Franklin and HFE expert from one of the following: Dr Su Smith, Paul Davis, Dr Laura Pickup, or Dr Paul Sampson

Dr Danielle Franklin

Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist at Plymouth University Hospital Trust with an interest in human factors. SWARM consultant lead. Has led a number of projects in her own trust. Mentors doctors in training. Has previously taught HFE at Masters level.

Dr Su Smith

Su is an experienced educator in the fields of healthcare improvement, patient safety and healthcare management. Originally a molecular geneticist, she has worked in engineering, the NHS, and has been teaching postgraduate students since 2005. She currently works for the University of Exeter.

Paul Davis

Ex-pilot working for the RAF and Royal Navy for 37 years. Air accident investigation experience, senior operations officer and safety officer who has worked for HISB and a local NHS trust more recently. Expertise in investigation management. Delivers human factors courses to healthcare and other industries.

Dr Laura Pickup

Human factors consultant and currently employed by University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust as head of human factors. Background in physiotherapy and working for the railways. Recent projects with the medical royal colleges on fatigue.

Dr Paul Sampson

Consultant anaesthetist at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust. Interest in human factors. Worked for HISB for a year during training learning and understanding healthcare investigations. Quality improvement lead for anaesthesia in Plymouth.

Together Danielle and a member of the faculty will deliver the day. They will help you understand how healthcare systems influence patient safety and your ability to perform in the system. Human factors methodologies will be introduced and safety science.

VenueRILD Building Exeter, Exeter  View details
Date & timeMonday 8 January 2024, 09:30 to 16:30
LecturerTBC  View details
Target audience

Mandatory: Foundation Year 2

Course styleWorkshop
Core topicHuman Factors
CPD hours6:00
CostNo charge

This one day course aims to give foundation doctors a basic understanding in human factors and ergonomics that underpins everyday work. We aim to provide candidates with some tools and skills they can employ in the workplace.

  • Overview of Human factors and ergonomics in healthcare
  • Focus on safety science to deliver high quality care
  • Focus on system design and understanding systems
  • How do doctors work in the system and how is their performance influenced by the system
Learning outcomes

Mapped to the foundation programme 2021 curriculum at:

Areas that will be covered:

HLO 2 - 9: Quality improvement: take an active part in processes to improve the quality of care.