Practical Procedures and Ultrasound Skills (430GLOS)

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SubjectF2 Regional Teaching
DescriptionAn interactive workshop-based study day designed to cover some of the practical procedures and ultrasound skills desirable as per the Foundation Year 2 curriculum.
Additional information

You will be provided with a work manual with pre-reading, detailed one-to-one tuition on the day, assessment by skilled practitioners, and a certificate of attendance.

VenueSandford Education Centre, Cheltenham - Gloucestershire  View details
Date & timeFriday 1 December 2023, 09:00 to 16:00
LecturerTBC  View details
Target audience

Mandatory: Foundation Year 2

Course styleWorkshop
Core topicClinical Skills
CPD hours6:00
CostNo charge

This course provides a safe clinical environment for Foundation Year 2 Doctors to learn new, or practice existing, practical procedures and ultrasound skills that are commonly seen in a range of different specialities. The day will include small group teaching at a series of workstations including Pleural Aspiration & Chest Drain (Seldinger), Lumbar Puncture, Suturing, Therapeautic paracentesis, Joint aspiration, and USS guided cannulation.


Learning objectives (for each procedure):

  • Understand the indications for each practical procedure
  • List the contraindications for each procedure
  • List the complications of each procedure, and, combining this with the benefits, understand how to consent a patient
  • Recall the steps involved in each procedure
  • Apply these steps on models to perform the procedure
Learning outcomes

Mapped to the Foundation Programme 2021 curriculum, this course links with the following Foundation Professional Capabilities (FPCs):

HLO 1: FPC 1 - Clinical assessment, FPC 2 - Clinical prioritisation, FPC 4 - Communication and care

HLO 2: FPC 6 - Sharing the vision

HLO 3: FPC 12 - Continuing professional development