Theory of Medical Emergencies in the Primary Care Dental Setting (SO261018)

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SubjectCore - Medical Emergencies
DescriptionThis theory course meets the annual GDC requirements for CPD in medical emergencies and follows the UK Resuscitation Council guidelines in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Immediate Life Support (ILS).
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GDC Domains maps to: Clinical (individual patient care – patient and public safety)

VenueEducation Centre, RSHH, Southampton  View details
Date & timeFriday 26 October 2018, 10:00 to 13:00
LecturerMs Sonia Jones  View details
Target audienceRecommended to all
Development outcomeB, C
Course styleLecture
Core topicMedical Emergencies
CPD hours3:00

The aim of this course is to develop the learners’ ability to recognise, assess and manage medical emergencies - adults and paediatrics - in the primary care dental setting.


1. To provide training in how to perform an urgent care assessment of an ill patient.

2. To outline processes and procedures to recognise, manage, and where required provide, basic and immediate life support for medical emergencies.

3. To outline the emergency drugs and equipment that should be held by dental surgeries.

4. To explain the team approach to medical emergencies.

Learning outcomes

1. Identify severe medical events which require urgent hospital admission.

2. Recognise, manage and provide basic and immediate life support for medical emergencies, in line with UK Resuscitation Council guidelines.

3. Identify, prescribe and administer - where appropriate - emergency drugs correctly.

4. Facilitate a team approach to medical emergencies so as to deal promptly with uncommon but potentially tragic events.