Cultural Safety for ES/CS/SAS (DT24-008)

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SubjectCPD - Supervisors
DescriptionThe workshops will cover a wide array of topics including understanding Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. The aim is to build towards Cultural safety through Psychological safety and Cultural competence, and to hone skills in compassionate, Inclusive leadership, and culturally sensitive communication and feedback.
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  1. Understanding Psychological Safety: Gain insights into psychological safety and its impact on work performance.
  2. Raising Cultural Awareness: Learn how cultural differences affect behaviour and performance, with strategies for sensitive navigation.
  3. Active Bystander Training: Equipping participants with the skills to recognise and challenge discrimination safely and effectively.
  4. Empowering Team Members: Discover strategies to support and empower colleagues, fostering trust and belonging.
  5. Compassionate and Inclusive Leadership: Explore compassionate leadership and how to be more inclusive.
  6. Action Planning: Create an action plan to foster cultural safety, enhancing patient care and staff well-being.
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Date & timeMonday 20 January 2025, 09:20 to 15:30
LecturerVijay Nayar
Target audience

Mandatory: Associate Dean Secondary Care, or Associate DME, or College/Specialty Tutor, or Dental Educational/Clinical Supervisor, or Deputy Dean, or DME, or Educational/Clinical Supervisor Secondary Care, or HoS, or Public Health Supervisor, or SAS Doctor - Associate Specialist, or SAS Doctor - Specialist, or SAS Doctor - Speciality Doctor, or SAS Doctor - Staff Grade, or SAS Tutor, or TPD Secondary Care

Course styleWebinar
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