Mindfulness at Work for ES/CS/SAS (SW24-100)

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SubjectCPD - Supervisors
DescriptionMindfulness is the buzz-word of the moment with good reason. Proven to promote concentration and creativity, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety as well as promoting wellbeing and improving resilience. It is increasingly used widely and is growing in popularity because it works. In this introduction, participants will gain insight into the basic principles and practices of mindfulness, discover how to implement it for themselves and learn how it can benefit everyone in the business environment.
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  1. Background and benefits — What mindfulness is and what it isn’t, including, who uses it, and why
  2. Brain Science —Understanding how the brain works and how we can use it to maximise performance through mindful awareness
  3. Mindfulness basics —Introducing the principles of mindfulness, including simple, mindful practices
  4. designed for easy use and maximum benefit
  5. Mindfulness at work —Learning how to manage yourself, others and your work mindfully by reducing stress, maximising wellbeing and promoting productivity
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Date & timeWednesday 16 October 2024, 09:30 to 12:00
LecturerTracey Butcher
Target audience

Mandatory: Associate Dean Secondary Care, or Associate DME, or College/Specialty Tutor, or Dental Educational/Clinical Supervisor, or Deputy Dean, or DME, or Educational/Clinical Supervisor Secondary Care, or HoS, or SAS Doctor - Associate Specialist, or SAS Doctor - Specialist, or SAS Doctor - Speciality Doctor, or SAS Doctor - Staff Grade, or SAS Tutor, or TPD Secondary Care

Course styleWebinar
CPD points2.000
CostNo charge