Maximising Your Personal Impact for Doctors in Training (SW24-099)

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SubjectCPD - Doctors in Training
DescriptionEverything we do has an impact, but does it bring us the results we want? This course, for those wishing to interact with others more effectively, helps us to identify how we are perceived, overcome barriers that hold us back and improve our personal impact. Using a four-step framework for positive personal impact, the course provides techniques to help you sound, embody, look and feel the part you want.
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  1. What gives people good personal impact?
  2. Sounding the part
  3. Embody the part
  4. Feeling the part
  5. Action Planning
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Date & timeThursday 20 March 2025, 09:30 to 12:00
LecturerCatherine Bonner
Target audience

Mandatory: CT1, or CT2, or IMT1, or IMT2, or IMT3, or Public Health Trainee, or ST1, or ST2, or ST3, or ST4, or ST5, or ST6+

Course styleWebinar
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CostNo charge