Communication & Linguistics for Doctors in Training & IMGs (SW24-041)

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SubjectCPD - Doctors in Training
DescriptionThis programme will focus on communication and linguistics, and the different dimensions of culture, as well as cultural identity and cultural respect.
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  • Understanding British Values and Cultural norms.
  • The different dimensions of culture
  • Introducing ‘British ways of doing things: hierarchy, timekeeping, humour etc
  • Assertion: Practical techniques that do not cause offence
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Date & timeMonday 11 November 2024, 14:00 to 16:30
Target audience

Mandatory: CT1, or CT2, or GP, or GPST2, or GPST3+, or IMT1, or IMT2, or IMT3, or Public Health Trainee, or ST1, or ST2, or ST3, or ST4, or ST5, or ST6+

Course styleWebinar
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CostNo charge