Professional Capabilities Framework for Supervisors: Introductory Workshop - Are you ready to assess your trainees? (SW24-029)

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SubjectCPD - Supervisors
DescriptionThis training package focuses on developing trainers skills to enable them to be able to demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and understanding of these generic professional capabilities to assess them, and be able to provide specific comments and feedback on a PG DiT’s performance. Trainers will become confident and feel supported in expressing their professional judgement about generic outcomes alongside specialty outcomes for their PG DiTs, as well as being able to give feedback to PG DiT to identify areas for improvement and highlight areas of excellence.
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  • Raise awareness of the Framework
  • Explore language and presentation of competencies (notably ‘Leadership’)
  • Capture current practice
  • Professional & Generic Skills Programme
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Date & timeWednesday 18 September 2024, 09:30 to 12:30
LecturersLouise Hardy & Judy Ravenscroft
Target audience

Mandatory: Associate Dean Secondary Care, or Associate DME, or College/Specialty Tutor, or Dental Educational/Clinical Supervisor, or Deputy Dean, or DME, or Educational/Clinical Supervisor Secondary Care, or HoS, or Public Health Supervisor, or SAS Doctor - Associate Specialist, or SAS Doctor - Specialist, or SAS Doctor - Speciality Doctor, or SAS Doctor - Staff Grade, or SAS Tutor, or TPD Secondary Care

Course styleWebinar
CPD points3.000
CostNo charge