Confidence Training for ES/CS/SAS (SW24-020)

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SubjectCPD - Supervisors
DescriptionThis training enables you to feel more confident, comfortable and empowered as you engage with your work and your life more broadly. The course provides an opportunity for you to explore the theme of confidence in a safe environment. We will probe what confidence looks, sounds, feels and acts like. I will highlight key component parts of confidence and how they work, including how you may have been getting in your own way. Once you understand these mechanisms and how to apply them, you will have access to a toolkit which can significantly increase your inner comfort and assurance. You will be empowered to cultivate more self-acceptance and a positive self-view. You will learn how to ground yourself, when anxiety or agitation arises. Elevating your personal confidence will impact your effectiveness in all of your activities, and allow you to bring your unique strengths, both in work and outside of work. This training is liberating and uplifting. You have everything you need within you to experience greater confidence.
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This course covers:

  1. Understand the different personality types and how this can affect behaviour.
  2. Grounding and reducing anxiety
  3. Taking stock – your starting point and desired outcome.
  4. Embodying confident physiology
  5. From self-doubt to self-belief
  6. Healthy ways of relating to the external
  7. Recognising your value
  8. Taking action and stepping outside of comfort zones
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Date & timeTuesday 26 November 2024, 09:30 to 16:30
LecturerRachael Garside
Target audience

Mandatory: Associate Dean Secondary Care, or Associate DME, or College/Specialty Tutor, or Dental Educational/Clinical Supervisor, or Deputy Dean, or DME, or Educational/Clinical Supervisor Secondary Care, or HoS, or Public Health Supervisor, or SAS Doctor - Associate Specialist, or SAS Doctor - Specialist, or SAS Doctor - Speciality Doctor, or SAS Doctor - Staff Grade, or SAS Tutor, or TPD Secondary Care

Course styleWebinar
CPD points6.000
CostNo charge