Greater awareness of how racism affects you and your workplace for ES/CS/SAS (SW24-018)

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SubjectCPD - Supervisors
DescriptionThis engaging and interactive workshop creates a safe space for you to feel confident talking about race. We will dive into the realities of race and racism within the medical field, supported by real-life examples and data. This workshop will provide skills, confidence, and practical tools to be actively anti-racist from an informed perspective.
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This course covers:

  1. Understand the terminology relating to race, ethnicity, and culture.  
  2. Recognise what is meant by medical racism, racial discrimination, and bias. 
  3. Appreciate the reality of racism and privilege in healthcare for both service users and staff members.
  4. Explore the impact of racism within healthcare on medical practice, society, and service users.
  5. Know our responsibilities in challenging the status quo. 
  6. Have a set of actions to encourage anti-racism beyond the session. 
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Date & timeWednesday 11 December 2024, 13:30 to 16:30
LecturerLauren Blackwood
Target audience

Mandatory: Associate Dean Secondary Care, or Associate DME, or College/Specialty Tutor, or Dental Educational/Clinical Supervisor, or Deputy Dean, or DME, or Educational/Clinical Supervisor Secondary Care, or HoS, or Public Health Supervisor, or SAS Doctor - Associate Specialist, or SAS Doctor - Specialist, or SAS Doctor - Speciality Doctor, or SAS Doctor - Staff Grade, or SAS Tutor, or TPD Secondary Care

Course styleWebinar
CPD points3.000
CostNo charge