Reflecting On and Learning from Feedback for Trainees (SW609)

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SubjectCPD - Doctors in Training
DescriptionHigh quality reflection in combination with supportive and constructive feedback is essential for the professional development for all doctors in training. This interactive workshop will help guide doctors through reflection and provide the opportunity to practice. We will focus on how self-reflection, feedback from the trainer and a feedback conversation can improve the performance and values of feedback, both formal and informal. We will also go on to explore why receiving feedback is so hard and how we can help overcome this. Covering psychological safety, thinking about how we can overcome some of the barriers to hearing and using feedback in a clinical and learning environment.
Additional information

Reflection and feedback session is an interactive workshop where we aim to look at:

  • How we reflect and how can we enhance this
  • How we can use reflection in feedback
  • How to receive feedback well
  • How to use feedback in the future to enhance performance


VenueZoom, Virtual  View details
Date & timeFriday 1 December 2023, 09:30 to 12:30
LecturersDr Anna Baverstock & Sarah Clark
Target audience

Mandatory: CT1, or CT2, or Public Health Trainee, or ST1, or ST2, or ST3, or ST4, or ST5, or ST6+

Course styleWebinar
CPD points0.000
CostNo charge