Service update July 2021

NHS England have been working hard to develop a series of interactive, audience focused webinars. New topics aimed towards your 'Field of practice' are regularly being added. Please remember to keep your email and contact details up to date, to ensure you receive the latest information on courses and instructions on how to attend.

Courses of interest

Mon 26 Feb 2024WEBINAR - NHS Rules and Regulations for Dental Therapists (NW240226B)
This webinar will look at the NHS rules and regulations Dental Therapists need to be aware of within their scope of practice.
T2MS Teams, Webinar
Tue 27 Feb 2024WEBINAR - The Shocking Truth Surrounding Sepsis (NW240227A)
Recognise the early signs of Sepsis. This webinar will provide a prehospital perspective for dental clinicians.
T2T3MS Teams, Webinar
Wed 28 Feb 2024Webinar - Bruxism for Dental Therapists (NW240228B)
This webinar for Dental Therapists will provide an overview of Sleep andAwake Bruxism, their aetiologies and management
T2MS Teams, Webinar
Wed 28 Feb 2024Webinar - Safe & Effective Triage for Dental Emergencies (NW240228A)
This interactive course is for the dental team who are at the ‘front of the house’. It will discuss how to effectively triage ...
T2MS Teams, Webinar
Thu 29 Feb 2024Webinar - Hall Crowns and Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) (NW240229A)
This webinar will explore when and how to use the Hall Technique to manage caries in primary molar teeth, and will review the use ...
T2MS Teams, Webinar
Tue 5 Mar 2024Ionising Radiation Regulations seen through your radiation protection file (NW240305A)
An interactive seminar looking at the detailed requirements of and reasons for radiation safety by indicating the essential ...
T2North West Dental Training Hub, Greater Manchester
Tue 5 Mar 2024BSPD Lecture: Inhalation Sedation and Dental Anxiety (NW240305B)
To provide an update on the safe and effective provision of Inhalation Sedation in the management of dental anxiety. Looking at ...
T2MS Teams, Webinar
Tue 12 Mar 2024Immediate Life Support (ILS) Certificate for Sedation Dental Teams (NW240312A)
This course will provide the dental team the skills to manage dental medical emergencies, specifically those involved in sedation.
T2T3North West Dental Training Hub, Greater Manchester