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Wed 29 May 2019PM Forum- Assertiveness & Dealing with Conflict (NW190529A)Regatta Place, Merseyside2:000.00
Thu 30 May 2019GDPR for the Dental Team (NW190530A)Regatta Place, Merseyside3:0015.00
Thu 30 May 2019How to meet Data Protection Officer Requirements (NW190530B)Regatta Place, Merseyside5:3030.00
Fri 31 May 2019Standards of Professionalism and Ethics for Lead Dental Nurses (NW190531A)Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire3:0015.00
Mon 3 Jun 2019Medical emergency training using simulation. (NW190603A)Whiston Education, Training & Conference Centre, Merseyside6:0055.00
Mon 3 Jun 2019Enhanced CPD, Reflective Practice and Portfolio Building (NW190603B)Regatta Place, Merseyside3:0015.00
Tue 4 Jun 2019Aesthetic Alternatives to Amalgam (NW190604A)Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Lancashire5:30100.00
Wed 5 Jun 2019Contemporary Removable Prosthetics (NW190605A)MANDEC, Greater Manchester5:3030.00
Wed 5 Jun 2019DCT 2/3 STUDY SESSION- RESTORATIVE MANAGEMENT IN HEAD AND NECK ONCOLOGY (NWDCT2320190605P)University Dental Hospital of Manchester, Greater Manchester3:000.00
Sat 8 Jun 2019Appraisal Training Fee (NWDRiD190608Z)3 Piccadilly Place, Greater Manchester0:00400.00
Sat 8 Jun 2019BOOK YOUR MENTOR (NWDRiD190608A)3 Piccadilly Place, Greater Manchester0:00280.00
Mon 10 Jun 2019Leadership for Healthy Living Dentistry (NW190610A)Smokies Park Best Western Hotel, Greater Manchester3:0010.00 A
Mon 10 Jun 2019Stockport NSG: Infection Control (NW190610B)Alma Lodge Hotel, Greater Manchester2:007.50 A
Tue 11 Jun 2019Difficult extractions - Anticipating & Managing Complications (NW190611B)Wigan Medical Education Centre, Greater Manchester2:0015.00
Tue 11 Jun 2019Update for Dental Therapists - Local Anaesthetic and Extraction Techniques (NW190611A)Whiston Education, Training & Conference Centre, Merseyside2:0015.00
Wed 12 Jun 2019Impression Taking for Dental Nurses (NW190612A)MANDEC, Greater Manchester0:0080.00
Wed 12 Jun 2019Bolton and Wigan LDC Event on Drug Dilemmas in Dentistry (190612A)Wigan Medical Education Centre, Greater Manchester2:000.00
Fri 14 Jun 2019A practical, 'Hands On' guide to placing rubber dam AM (NW190614A)Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Lancashire3:0015.00
Fri 14 Jun 2019A practical, 'Hands On' guide to placing rubber dam PM (NW190614B)Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Lancashire3:0015.00
Sat 15 Jun 2019Periodontology: Where are we? hands on course for dentists (NW190615A)Whiston Education, Training & Conference Centre, Merseyside5:30100.00
Mon 17 Jun 2019DCT 1 STUDY DAY- DIGITAL DENTISTRY (NWDCT120190617N)ICE Postgraduate Centre, Greater Manchester6:000.00
Mon 17 Jun 2019Ionising Radiation Regulations seen through your radiation protection file (NW190617A)Wigan Medical Education Centre, Greater Manchester5:0040.00
Wed 19 Jun 2019Behaviour Management Techniques in Paediatric Dentistry (NW190619A)Aintree - The Clinical Sciences Centre, Merseyside3:0015.00
Thu 20 Jun 2019Posterior composite resin restorations, Hands-On (NW190620B)Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Lancashire5:30100.00
Thu 20 Jun 2019Fire Marshal & Fire Extinguisher Training (NW190620A)Windsor Dental Hulme, Greater Manchester3:0025.00
Fri 21 Jun 2019Communication for Lead Dental Nurses (NW190621A)Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire3:0015.00
Fri 21 Jun 2019Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) for Periodontal and Dental Implant Maintenance (NW190621B)Tameside General Hospital, Greater Manchester3:3015.00
Mon 24 Jun 2019Healthy Gums DO Matter (NW190624A)Holiday Inn, Greater Manchester5:3040.00
Tue 25 Jun 2019DCT POSTER DAY (NWDCT20190625N)Liverpool Medical Institution, Merseyside5:000.00
Tue 25 Jun 2019Mind your back! Posture in Dentistry (NW190625A)Whiston Education, Training & Conference Centre, Merseyside2:0015.00
Wed 26 Jun 2019Qualification in Dental Radiography for Dental Nurses (NW190626A)Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Lancashire0:00160.00 A
Wed 26 Jun 2019Bolton and Wigan LDC Event - New Periodontal Classification (NW190626B)Wigan Medical Education Centre, Greater Manchester2:000.00
Thu 27 Jun 2019Clinical Communication & Treatment Planning (NW190627A)Windsor Dental Hulme, Greater Manchester3:0015.00
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