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Sat 19 Jan 2019Multi Topic Day for Technicians & CDTs (NW190119A)Whiston Education, Training & Conference Centre, Merseyside3:0010.00
Mon 21 Jan 2019Performers List Validation by Experience Administration Fee NWPLVE190121Z (NWPLVE190121Z)3 Piccadilly Place, Greater Manchester0:002320.00
Mon 21 Jan 2019So you want to be an Educational Supervisor? (NW190121A)Regatta Place, Merseyside3:0015.00
Tue 22 Jan 2019Performers List Validation by Experience Administration Fee NWPLVE190122Z (NWPLVE190122Z)3 Piccadilly Place, Greater Manchester0:002320.00
Tue 22 Jan 2019Advanced Course: Dental Dilemmas: Endodontics or Implants (NW190122A)Aintree - The Clinical Sciences Centre, Merseyside2:0015.00
Wed 23 Jan 2019Fluoride Varnish: Making Prevention work in Practice (MPWIP) (NW190123B)Windsor Dental Hulme, Greater Manchester0:00125.00 A
Wed 23 Jan 2019Performers List Validation by Experience Administration Fee NWPLVE190123Z (NWPLVE190123Z)3 Piccadilly Place, Greater Manchester0:001850.00
Wed 23 Jan 2019Workshop 5:Quality Measurement & Improvement (NW190123A)3 Piccadilly Place, Greater Manchester6:0030.00
Thu 24 Jan 2019Safeguarding Level 2 Children and Vulnerable Adults (NW190124A)Windsor Dental Hulme, Greater Manchester5:3030.00
Mon 28 Jan 2019IOTN for the General Dental Practitioner (NW190128D)Liverpool University Dental Hospital, Merseyside6:3085.00 A
Mon 28 Jan 2019Leighton Study Day: GDC Recommended Topics (NW190128B)Leighton Postgraduate Medical Centre, Cheshire6:0030.00
Mon 28 Jan 2019Enhanced CPD, Reflective Practice and Portfolio Building (NW190128C)3 Piccadilly Place, Greater Manchester3:0015.00
Mon 28 Jan 2019Ionising Radiation Regulations seen through your radiation protection file (NW190128F)Royal Blackburn Hospital, Lancashire5:0040.00
Mon 28 Jan 2019Fire Marshal & Fire Extinguisher Training (NW190128A)Windsor Dental Hulme, Greater Manchester3:0025.00
Tue 29 Jan 2019A practical, 'Hands On' guide to placing rubber dam AM (NW190129A)MANDEC, Greater Manchester3:0015.00
Tue 29 Jan 2019A practical, 'Hands On' guide to placing rubber dam PM (NW190129B)MANDEC, Greater Manchester3:0015.00
Thu 31 Jan 2019Appraisal Training Fee (NWDRiD190131A)3 Piccadilly Place, Greater Manchester0:00400.00
Fri 1 Feb 2019Effective periodontal treatment using Ultrasonics (NW190201A)Liverpool University Dental Hospital, Merseyside5:0050.00 A
Mon 4 Feb 2019Critical Appraisal Course (NW0405022018N)3 Piccadilly Place, Greater Manchester12:00200.00
Mon 4 Feb 2019Medical Emergencies For The Dental Team (NW190204A)Aintree - The Clinical Sciences Centre, Merseyside5:3055.00
Mon 4 Feb 2019WORKING IN NHS DENTISTRY PART 2 (NW190204C)Regatta Place, Merseyside3:3020.00
Tue 5 Feb 2019Advanced Course: An update in Orthodontics for the GDP (NW190205A)Aintree - The Clinical Sciences Centre, Merseyside2:0015.00
Wed 6 Feb 2019Getting to grips with HTM 01-05 An update in Infection Control and Decontamination (NW190206A)Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire5:3030.00
Thu 7 Feb 2019Drug Dilemmas: Medicines, Interactions and Adverse Effects (NW190207B)Regatta Place, Merseyside2:4520.00
Thu 7 Feb 2019Improving Indirect Restorations in General Practice (NW190207A)Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Lancashire5:30100.00
Fri 8 Feb 2019Dentistry for the aging population (NW190208B)Whiston Education, Training & Conference Centre, Merseyside6:0030.00
Fri 8 Feb 2019RECRUITMENT; Having problems recruiting in your Practice? (NW190208A)Mercure Blackburn Dunkenhalgh Hotel and Spa, Lancashire3:000.00
Tue 12 Feb 2019PM Forum- Appraisal, Reflection and Personal Development Plan (NW190212B)Regatta Place, Merseyside2:000.00
Tue 12 Feb 2019BSPD Lecture: Understanding Dental Commissioning (NW190212A)Liverpool University Dental Hospital, Merseyside1:000.00
Wed 13 Feb 2019Workshop 5:Quality Measurement & Improvement (NW190213A)Regatta Place, Merseyside6:0030.00
Wed 13 Feb 2019DCT 2/3 STUDY SESSION- ACUPUNCTURE (NWDCT2320190213P)Liverpool University Dental Hospital, Merseyside3:000.00
Thu 14 Feb 2019Posterior composite resin restorations, Hands-On (NW190214B)Whiston Education, Training & Conference Centre, Merseyside5:30100.00
Thu 14 Feb 2019Difficulties in Endodontics (NW190214A)Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Lancashire2:0015.00
Fri 15 Feb 2019Restorative Dentistry- Myths and Realities (NW190215B)Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire5:0020.00
Sat 16 Feb 2019Radiography: Re-visiting the essentials for compliance (NW190216A)3 Piccadilly Place, Greater Manchester2:4520.00
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