ES Development Session - The Transition Between Undergraduate to Dental Foundation Training (NW20231204FES)

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SubjectDFT Joint Programme
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The event will be held in the Cloisters Suite at the hotel, with registration from 9:30am. Refreshments and lunch will be provided, vegetarian/non vegetarian options will be made available for lunch, however, please be aware that we are unable to cater for special dietary requirements such as Gluten Free, Nut Allergy, Vegan etc. We therefore suggest that delegates bring their own food if you have a specialist requirement.

VenueHoliday Inn Bolton, Bolton - Greater Manchester  View details
Date & timeMonday 4 December 2023, 09:30 to 16:30
LecturerPlease See Programme  View details
Target audience

Mandatory: Educational Supervisor

Development outcomeNo development outcome
Course styleWorkshop
Core topic Not a core topic
CateringRefreshments and Lunch
CPD hours6:00
CostNo charge

Aims: The aims of this course are to provide the educational supervisors with an understanding of the background of the current generation of trainees, and as such to facilitate their transition from University to General Dental Practice. In addition, it aims to explain the information used by the dental schools in completing the Educational Transition Document and how this can be used by the Educational Supervisors to support the trainee. Finally, the course aims to provide an understanding and practical experience in how to best provide feedback to their trainees that will maximise their personal development.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes.

By the end of this course delegates should be able to:

Summarise the implications of modern parenting, education systems, technology, and changes in society on Generation Z.

Analyse the effect of the workplace environment of dentistry, on the professional development of Generation Z.

Describe how the supporting data is collated by Liverpool dental school for the Educational Transition Document, and provide insight for other dental schools.

Explian how the Educational Transition Document can assist in the transition from the Undergraduate to the Dental Foundation Trainee.

Explain the issues regarding student self-assessment of competence and confidence and how this can be manifested in trainees.

Discuss the factors involved in giving and receiving feedback including the emotional responses.

Describe different styles of feedback and what constitutes effective feedback.

Summarise the advantages of using a coaching style feedback, and how this can benefit Generation Z

Explain the GROW model and demonstrate how it can be used to facilitate the developmental process of the trainee.