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The Dental Postgraduate section are funded by Welsh Government to provide training and development to registrants living or working in Wales. 

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Courses of interest

Wed 23 Jan 2019The clinical management of medical emergencies including the administration of medication (DY-15-18-S2)
Haverfordwest Postgraduate Centre, West Wales
Wed 23 Jan 2019DCT Cardiff: Treatment Planning for General Anaesthesia (DCT/11/18/CS)
This session covers treatment planning of simple cases and when to refer more complicated cases
Llandough Medical and Dental Education Centre, South Wales
Thu 24 Jan 2019DCT: Prosthetics & TMJ Disorders (DCT/11/18/MS)
Structured discussion of topics related to clinical dental prosthetics Topics include Partial dentures, Complete dentures, the ...
Merthyr Tydfil Dental Postgraduate Department, South Wales
Thu 24 Jan 2019Psychology related to Dentistry (NDY-11-18-S2)
Understand the basics of behavioural psychology related to dentistry
Aberystwyth Postgraduate Centre, West Wales
Thu 24 Jan 2019They want us to do WHAT? (NDY-12-18-S2)
To cover the requirements of the GDC’s Enhanced CPD (eCPD) scheme and ensure registrants know what they need to do to be ...
Aberystwyth Postgraduate Centre, West Wales
Fri 25 Jan 2019DF - Rescucitation and Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice (DFT/19/18/NW)
Identify and manage common medical emergencies and cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the Dental Practice in accordance with the ...
Clinical Training Unit, North East Wales
Mon 28 Jan 2019Developing Dental Educators Course - Module 3 (DFT/ES/Dec/Jan/18/3)
Module 3 - Assessment and Feedback
Porth Dental Teaching Unit, South Wales
Tue 29 Jan 2019Developing Dental Educators Course - Module 4 (DFT/ES/Dec/Jan/4)
Relationships, Challenges, and Conflict
Porth Dental Teaching Unit, South Wales