PM Forum- Appraisal, Reflection and Personal Development Plan (NW190212B)

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SubjectPractice Managers Forum
DescriptionThe GDC encourages appraisal in identifying maintenance and learning needs. This session will assist Practice Managers to support their teams by conducting appraisals which encourage reflection and Personal Development Planning in line with the GDC development outcomes.
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Barbara Brown is an Independent Education Consultant with over 25 years experience of teaching in Higher Education.

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A selection of vegetarian/non vegetarian options will be made available, however please be aware that we are unable to cater for special dietary requirements such as Gluten Free, Nut Allergy, Vegan. We therefore suggest that delegates bring their own food if you have a specialist requirement.

VenueRegatta Place, Liverpool - Merseyside  View details
Date & timeTuesday 12 February 2019, 12:30 to 14:30
LecturerMrs Barbara Brown  View details
Target audienceMandatory: Practice Manager
Development outcomeD
Course styleWorkshop
Core topic Not a core topic
CPD hours2:00
CostNo charge

To increase understanding of the links between the appraisal process, reflection and the creation of an effective Personal Development Plan (PDP).


Through Discussion Peer Review, delegates will :

  • Share experiences of the appraisal process through peer review
  • Discuss perceptions of the appraisal process and reflective practice
  • Understand enhanced CPD requirements and how these impact on appraisal
Learning outcomes

Following the session, Practice Managers will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of appraisal
  • Support reflective practice during the appraisal process
  • Help staff members create an effective PDP based on the appraisal process and reflective practice