Job Interview (GEN20OCT21)

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SubjectCareer Management
DescriptionThis half-day course is designed for Specialist Registrars who are or will be applying for posts as consultants and who wish to enhance their interview skills at this level.
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In advance of the session, please have your CV accessible so that you can discuss it. Also, please have a copy of a consultant post that you have applied for, or might apply for

The programme begins with an overview of the recruitment / selection process and systematically proceeds through the following stages:

preparing yourself well in advance so that you can demonstrate your abilities in audit, governance, leadership, management, research, teaching etc.

searching for and identifying suitable posts;

preparing your CV / application form;

visiting the hospital and meeting people;

understanding what the interviewing panel are looking for;

identifying key messages to communicate;

systematically answering questions through the use of clear frameworks;

practicing responses to difficult and challenging questions;

and, communicating and following up details with HR.

Numerous details will be provided including checklists for the stages of the recruitment and selection process; interviewing; difficult questions, consultant contract, discussions with HR etc. Documents for these will be sent to you before the session.

VenueVIRTUAL - On-Line Zoom, via - Virtual  View details
Date & timeWednesday 20 October 2021, 09:00 to 13:00
LecturerDr John Wilson  View details
Target audienceMandatory: Final Year Trainee
Course styleWorkshop
CateringNo catering
CPD points0.000
CostNo charge

The course has two main purposes and benefits for the prospective employee and the employer:

To raise the level of interviewing skills in order that interview candidates are more prepared and therefore better-abled to represent themselves. This is intended to help level the interview playing field so that extrovert performers do not gain a disproportionate advantage over other equally or better qualified candidates.

With enhanced advance preparation and interview skills the candidates will be able to more accurately assess their own suitability for a specific post and thereby help minimise the ‘square peg in a round hole syndrome’. This improves the recruitment process and helps trusts / hospitals to employ consultants better suited to their requirements.


By the end of this seminar you will:

be familiar with the stages of the recruitment / selection process

be familiar with the stages of an interview

be able to submit an appropriate application

be able to match skills, knowledge, experience and motivation to those required by the post

understand the impact of body language

be able to handle difficult questions

have identified key points to communicate to the interview panel

have practiced your interview technique

have received feedback on the strengths and limitations of your practice interview.