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The South West Dental Department provides courses for dental professionals throughout the south west of England.

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Courses of interest

Wed 5 Oct 2016Contemporary Oral Surgery update (SW 16-10-05-01)
A whole day course by Clare Gleeson , Consultant Oral Surgeon ,Kings College London. The day will consist of small lectures with ...
The Barn Function Centre, Gloucestershire
Thu 6 Oct 2016Decontamination and Infection Control: Implementing HTM 01-05 in General Dental Practice (SW16-10-06-1)
This day-long course delivered by two outstanding experts in the field of decontamination and infection control will give a ...
Passage House Hotel, Devon S & W
Fri 7 Oct 2016Denture Design and Troubleshooting (SW16-10-07-1)
Partial Dentures have the potential to cause practitioners and patients disproportionate problems! This course is designed to ...
Phantom Head Room-Derriford Hospital, Devon S & W
Fri 7 Oct 2016Infection Control and Decontamination in Dental Practice (SW-16-10-07-1)
Dr Martin Fulford originally trained as a microbiologist and spent 13 years as a practical medical microbiologist. Retrained as a ...
Alverton Manor Hotel, Cornwall
Tue 11 Oct 2016Successful Complete Dentures (SW16-10-11-01)
Following a fantastic partial denture course earlier this year, Rob Jagger is returning to Somerset to discuss complete dentures. ...
The Mount Somerset, Somerset
Tue 11 Oct 2016Occlusal splints - use and abuse (SW16-10-11-02)
This is the second of two courses delivered by Rob Jagger (Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Bristol Dental Hospital) will be ...
The Mount Somerset, Somerset
Wed 12 Oct 2016Management of Oral & Dental Disease for the Non-Dental Professionals (SW16-10-12-1)
Currently GPs receive little training in the diagnosis and management of oro dental disease and its management so this day is ...
Future Inns Hotel, Bristol & N Somerset
Thu 13 Oct 2016Dento-legal Introduction to the NHS (SW16-10-13-1)
The aim of this course is to inform and update those who are returning to practice or who are new to dental practice in the UK of ...
Engineers' House, Bristol & N Somerset